My name is Bree and I’m an Australian primary school teacher who is passionate about education, but after years of being overwhelmed by the never ending workload and noticing how sensory-overstimulation can impact student learning, I decided to explore the ways I could make a change for the better. I aim to simplify my teaching methods, plan engaging and meangingful lessons and create inviting learning spaces that help to enhance student learning. All of this with minimalism in mind! It’s not about stark walls or boring lessons, it’s a great deal more than that and I’m looking forward to exploring what minimalist teaching means to me and  hope to engage and share my ideas and thoughts with you!


As ‘That Minimalist Teacher’ I hope to share my ideas and experiences, including how to:

  • Save money, time and space
  • Create purposeful learning environments
  • Make meaningful connections with students
  • Plan engaging and student centred lessons
  • Connect with nature

When I’m not teaching (or thinking about teaching!) I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, 3 beautiful children, two crazy dogs and a couple of fat guinea pigs… all of which keep me happy and on my toes! I enjoy drawing, craft projects, reading and cooking. My guilty pleasures are wine and chocolate…. preferably together!