Trust the Process…

Process based art and child led activities are a big interest of mine, I enjoy observing children's creative processes as it tends to tell me a hell of a lot more than anything I plan for or control. So I'm steering away from the product based art and craft activities along with adult led play … Continue reading Trust the Process…


The Cute Classroom Conundrum

I love exploring teacher Instagram feeds. There are so many wonderful ideas for teaching and learning out there. The learning resources, lesson plans, behaviour management strategies.... so many purposeful, engaging and meaningful ideas that support and encourage learning and growth amongst students. But then there's this cute side of the teaching world that confuses me … Continue reading The Cute Classroom Conundrum

I’m not crazy. I’m a teacher.

First year out. You’re now in charge of educating young minds and you have convinced yourself that you will be the next John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society. You will inspire, challenge, engage and motivate our future. You will stand on tabletops and shout, “Seize the day!” This feeling is magical and deep down you … Continue reading I’m not crazy. I’m a teacher.

Choose Your Own ‘Art’venture in the Minimalist Classroom

To me being a minimalist educator involves meaningful teaching and learning. It's about eliminating the unnecessary to ensure there is purpose in everything I teach and display. It's about making sure I remain true to myself as an individual first and foremost - if I don't know myself how the hell can I know who I am … Continue reading Choose Your Own ‘Art’venture in the Minimalist Classroom